Throughout February and March, Paul is working on a series of colourful landscapes, using acrylic on board. They are of the Teme valley between Worcester and Tenbury, in the spring time where the orchards of Herefordshire and Worcestershire are blossoming.

This week Paul will be working in the workshop doing the framing for this series, using a white wooden slip under a minimalist grey wooden frame.

They will be shown at the Fresh Art Fair in Cheltenham late April, at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea early March and at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead early May. Once this series is finished Paul will continue to paint during the year, supplying his work to these fairs.

The rape and corn fields Paul looks forward to painting each spring will be coming through in March and April this year, instead of the usual May period. Paul is excited to get some bright yellows back into his work and these paintings will be shown at the in Cheltenham, Battersea and Hampstead as well.

In the summer Paul plans to paint en plein air as much as possible and will travel to Cornwall and the Greek island Skiathos to paint a series of seascapes as well. He also is hoping to go to Paris to hit up some of the galleries.

If you’re interested in attending any of the art fairs this year then please come along and see what we’ve got!

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Visitors to Worcester cathedral will have the chance to see two exhibitions featuring new work by painter Sara Hayward RCA during August.  A series of semi abstract, meditative tondi (round paintings), inspired by olive trees, will be hung in the main body of the cathedral throughout August in an exhibition entitled “Cutting corners: colour works,” and a further exhibition of paintings entitled “Pilgrimage: an inner journey (Iona and beyond)” will be shown in the Dean’s chapel during the first two weeks of August, including expressive paintings inspired by the Scottish island of Iona plus abstract colour works inviting meditative inner thought journeys.

Originally inspired by olive trees outside the Berardo museum in Lisbon the double sided tondi (round paintings) are an attempt to capture the pulsating rhythms and energy of nature. Each double-sided painting is a mix of playful experimental vibrant expressive heightened colour, or graphic monochrome, revealing the complex nature of the unseen, attempting to capture the invisible vitality of the natural world. 

In “Pilgrimage: an inner journey (Iona and beyond)”, Hayward revisits the seascape theme in small, intimate expressive paintings. Whilst some of these were inspired by a trip to the spiritual capital of Iona, others capture the wild, windswept, natural spirit of Cape Cornwall. With the accompanying abstract colour works the viewer is invited to pause for a moment, stand and stare and reflect a while. Although originally inspired by physical spaces, these paintings become a visual metaphor for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys. Perhaps the viewer can bring their own journeys to them.

“Having trained at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, and the Royal College of Art, London, painting is my ongoing practise and I try to paint every day. The cathedral exhibitions give me a fantastic opportunity to see work in another context, a historical context, and get an overview of how images work together en masse. I hope many visitors will get to see these exhibitions. The cathedral, with its rolling programme of art exhibitions, is a great, beautiful and uplifting exhibiting space, lending itself to unhurried contemplation.